The Happening: The Good 'Ole Days

To celebrate Valentine's Day, my girlfriend and I went to ancestral-house-turned-fancy-schmancy-restraurant La Cocina de Tita Moning for dinner. Before our meal, there was a brief tour of the old home, which was conveniently adorned by all things vintage. It looked like a museum if anything, but among all the awesome stuff, it was the picture albums which caught my attention the most.

This picture of groomsmen delighted me in particular. Just look at those dashing gray suits! My girlfriend pointed out how great the fit of the suits were for every single one of them and I totally agree. The skinny ties and the little flower on the lapel of their suits were great touches as well. It actually inspired me to consider the same outfits for my bros at my own wedding. No rush, though, no rush! There are still many great bachelor years left to be had!

I can only hope to have a wedding this stylish!

The glasses, the hair, the sleeve length = perfection!

What I like about this picture are grandpa's glasses. Why? Because they're exactly like my own girlfriend-given Ray-Ban browlines! It's just so funny how some stuff from the past come back in a big way. Actually makes you wonder why they even left in the first place. Hey, what's important anyways is that style sensibilities of glory days gone by is back. It's up to all of us now to make sure it's here to stay.

Will I look like this in 50 years? I'm bald now anyways...


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