The Item: Sperry Topsiders at D-Mop

I'm sure we've all had it up to here with boat shoes. Everywhere I turn here in Manila, I see men sporting Topsiders, Docksides, or any other brand that now manufactures them all of a sudden. Now don't get me wrong, this is not an assault against boaties (I'm actually wearing mine now). All I'm saying is that it has become what skinny jeans were in 2008 - a trend embraced by all to the point of being uniform-y.

It doesn't always need to be like this, though. A quick solution to avoid looking like everyone else's feet is to get a pair that is of a different make and/or tells a different color story. Unfortunately for us Filipinos, I only found these traits in the Sperry Topsiders I found in D-Mop in Silvercord Mall, Hong Kong. The store (which also carries Puma, Adidas, Y3) had these wonderful 'Siders in white felt on white soles and brown nubuck on tan soles, which provided enough differences to be relevant. No, I didn't get them, but I wanted to (only P3,234 a pair!). If only I didn't discover "the pair" I would've nabbed these babies. What "the pair" is, you'll find out in the coming days.

The white felt and brown nubuck are my favorites!

The vintage logo on the bottom adds to the desirability of these kicks

But I think I like the tan sole on this number better


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