The Happening: Vintage Awesomeness, Part Deux

My girlfriend and I just got back from the Rockwell Moonlit Bazaar and as was expected, it was full of amazing buys...for girls! While I don't mind watching my partner looking for something to splurge on (she bought a necklace), I was totally amused to find this one booth that sold some great vintage stuff, just like the one in Greenhills.

The only difference was that some of their items actually worked, making purchases all the more tempting. For one thing, they had a 50s camera that was fully functional. How awesome is that, right? The list doesn't end there, though, with old phones, typewriters, magazines, and even a samurai sword also on the chopping block.

The granddaddy of them all and it still works too!

This 40s phone from Holland first caught my eye. It still works too!

From a time where there was no backspace to save you from error

Too bad the gentlemen who run the booth don't have a regular store to showcase their wares. I'd be a regular visitor for sure! Till then, go check 'em out at the Moonlit Bazaar tomorrow to Sunday and who knows? You may just come home with a piece of history on your hands (and quite a big hole in your pocket).

Another sweet polaroid. I just can't get enough of 'em!

I've always wanted a record player like this at home

A busted up radio, but not bad for aesthetic purposes


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