Style I Love: Sweet Seersucker Shorts

Shorts are amazing. In this ungodly heat we've been having, there truly is no better bottom-half companion than a fine pair with a great fit. Comfort and convenience aside though, another reason I try to wear shorts as much as I can is because you can get away with more with 'em. I'm talking about loud colors, prints, and fabrics, gentlemen. You know, quirks which are easier to pull off because there's less material to work with.

Paolo's seersucker shorts are a fine example. Not only is the cut amazing, but its subtle stripes make for a more noticeably dashing profile than if he wore a plain pair. Now I'm not saying seersucker pants are bad, but that's a look that's far trickier to throw down for the common dude. If you're only starting with this whole fashion thing, it'd be smart to just dip your feet into some reds and madras pairs as shorts and see how you feel. Statement pants aren't for everybody, but stranger shorts? Man, anybody could do that. (I did, in linen!)

Paolo of A Fine Frenzy: Seersucker Shorts (Cotton On)

Me, following the same formula: Altered Linen Shorts (Folded and Hung)


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