The Happening: Another Wonderful Surprise!

My girlfriend is truly awesome. Not only has she been the perfect Bonnie to my Clyde, but she also tolerates this little style thing I'm passionate about. To illustrate more, this story: I picked her up the airport at around 4am today and was very excited to see her after her four-day trip to Bangkok. Thing is, she missed my birthday (I did that two years back too), so we celebrated two days early. She gave me my present then and I loved it (Alan Moore's "A Killing Joke" graphic novel). Little did I know that that wasn't the end of it.

When she got into the car, she had a smirk on her face. I just thought that it was because she missed me, but then, she pulled out a gift-wrapped box from her hand-carried luggage. She said it was my "real gift". I slowly unwrapped the present and quickly saw that it was a shirt. What happened next drove me ape-shit. When I got the shirt out, I saw the trademark heart-with-eyes logo that I thought would take me a while to get. She gave me a friggin' Comme Des Garcons Play shirt, the very one on my birthday wish list! Oh, that woman. Not only the best girlfriend ever, but also quite the scheming surpriser! I love you, AC!

It's from the new Spring-Summer CDG Play Collection! Love that blue heart!

She got it at the flagship store in Bangkok. I'll be cherishing this bag forever!


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