The Happening: "Take Ivy" is Here!

Ask and you shall receive. That, I think, has been the theme of this year's great finds. From the Band of Outsiders Sperries to the arrival of this "Take Ivy" book which I've salivated over and reserved at Fully Booked for weeks now, it seems everything is falling right into place. Never mind that I've seen the pictures inside a million times, this is still a great literary piece that I just have to have in my shelves. Man, it's been what, 40 years, yet these Ivy Leaguers are still taking us to school with their stylish nonchalance. If that right there doesn't say collector's issue, I don't know what the hell will! (If you plan to cop it, heads up, Fully Booked Fort is all out.)

Unopened just yet. I'm still savoring the moment!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bobby,

How much is the book? :)

Styles I Love said...

Hi Mr. Anonymous,

I got it for P1,048. It's totally worth it, I think, as it's hard bound with lots of awesomeness inside! Get a copy too! It's a great read. :)

Anonymous said...

Got the book 2 weeks ago from singapore. i agree, it's worth it! inspirational. Sana there's also True Prep na din.

Styles I Love said...

Wow, haven't heard of True Prep yet. Googling now! Thanks for the tip, anonymous person! :)

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