The Item: Seiko Canvas and Nylon Watches

Remember that Timex Camper I copped at the Robinson's Galleria Department Store? Well, GQ just did a feature with the exact same one in their newly released Fall Trend Report. (A little late, Mr. Moore?) Gloating aside, though, this just proves that you can find some quality timepieces in said department store if you have the patience. I browsed the wares recently, and matta fact, I have another hot one for you here, you guys. This time, from Japanese watchmakers Seiko.

I find myself in this military watch stage right now, and seeing these relatively inexpensive watches was quite the treat. Aside from the vintage face, these babies come in tough canvas and nylon straps too, completing the quintessential casual look. There are quite a number of colors to choose from, but if you're like me, you'll go for that fresh khaki strap. It's the most uncommon one, but really, you can't go wrong with the others. Now, write about that, GQ!

Another grand find at the Robinson's Department Store!

The one I would've gotten if ever. (The olive strap comes next)


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