The Guide: Going to the Club in Style

I'd like to think of myself as a pretty laid back guy. My idea of a good time is simple: watching a movie with my girlfriend, eating out, strolling around the mall, and drinking a little bit with my friends. Occasionally, though, I fancy going out into the clubs, taking a few shots, and dancing the night away (yeah, dancing, what of it?). Just this past Friday, we found ourselves in Republiq - a fine place, but what some of the guys wore, sheesh. It wasn't pretty.

When it comes to what to wear on night outs, girls have it easy. Short skirts, heels, playful top - okay. But what about the guys? While by no means a regular, I observed that this was the current men's uniform: jeans, crisp long-sleeve shirts, pointy loafers/sneakers, and even sometimes, formal blazers. I'm sorry, but is this what guys wear to meet some nice girl and nothing but innocent fun? I don't know about you, but it all shouts "trying too hard" to me.

On these nights, a cardigan or thin pullover sweater can be your best friend. Whether it be over a short-sleeved polo or just a plain buttondown, these versatile pieces can bring your look to a higher level of cool without going overboard. Pair them with some nice slim denims or khakis and throw those pointy shoes in the trash bin. Simple sneakers and basic loafers will do. Just make sure they're the low-maintenance type. Believe you me, they will get stepped on. I, my friends, learned that the hard way.

Cardigans dress you up without trying too hard.

Ditto for a pullover sweater. Comes across as smart and totally harmless.

Pictures courtesy of J.Crew


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