Style I Love: Bow Tie + Windbreaker Combo

For some reason, I love tying bow ties. I own several with clip-on options at the back, but I never use them. There's just something about nailing that perfect knot every time that gets me. Aside from that achievement, though, another challenge I love facing is knowing what to pair with that neatly tied bow. Wearing it dictates so much formality on the outfit, so I do the opposite: I dress it down. Here, I paired it with a windbreaker partly because it's been raining, but mostly because of it's sporty feel. It's sort of like how those stereotype professors or grandpas wear cardigans with their bow ties, but way more fresher, as the very fly Jay-Z would say.

Browline glasses (Ray-Ban), Striped Bow Tie (Joey Samson), Oxford Shirt (Uniqlo)
Windbreaker (Giordano), Khaki Pants (Banana Republic), Weird Hair (My Own)

Photos courtesy of Justine Ferrer


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I never thought of this, but I like it!

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