The Happening: The Week of the Tie (Day 3)

Midway through Tie Week, dear sirs! Today, I decided to try something I've never done before: Go old school military and tuck my tie into my shirt. I've seen many an officer do it in all those war movies my dad loves to watch and thought, why the hell not? They looked handsome in uniform and there's no reason it won't have the same effect on me too! (Yeah, so humble, I know.)

To keep with the theme, I chose a military shirt as base instead of the usual button-down. I tucked my tie between the second and third/third and fourth buttons and voila: An authoritative yet sophisticated look all at the same time. The scarf-like aesthetic of the tucked tie is unusual and refreshing, but be warned: it requires confidence and the patience to point out that yes, the tie really is supposed to be like that. That little hurdle notwithstanding, it's another great reason to go the extra mile and rock a tie just for the heck of it!

Military Shirt (Gap), Tie (Original Penguin), Belt (Nautica), Trousers (Topman)

Photos courtesy of Justine Ferrer


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