The Happening: The Week of the Tie (Day 2)

For Day 2 of the blog's Tie Week, I opted to go for the opposite of Day 1's approach. Instead of donning a black and white outfit and making it interesting, I went with a pastel colored ensemble and muted it with this lovely new navy knit number I found at Forever 21. The pink of the oxford and the blue of the chinos were a match made in heaven. And I figured that the new tie was a perfect complement as the little dots on it were of the same color as my pants.

If anything, though,
today's lesson is all about how awesome knit ties are. I'm glad more and more stores are adding them to their lineup because no tie could really merge the casual and the formal as well as these do. I already have three in the closet (from Bench, Uniqlo, and Forever 21) and I'm sure it won't stop there. Not if they're as cheap as this Forever 21 bargain which I got for only P615. There's one in white too, but as always, you can never go wrong with navy!

Oxford Shirt (Uniqlo), Navy Polka Dot Knit Tie (21 Men), Belt (Nautica)
Chinos (Uniqlo), Deconstructed Loafers (Band of Outsiders x Sperry)

Photos courtesy of Justine Ferrer


Anonymous said...

I love it! The combination of pink and blue is perfect.

I'll recommend this blog to all my guy friends so they can take pointers from you. :)

Love your blog btw :), keep 'em coming.

- Mhela

Styles I Love said...

Why thank you, Mhela! Hope they'll like what they see as much as you do. Haha! :)

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