The Happening: The Week of the Tie (Day 1)

So we're going to do something a little different around here. I haven't worn ties to work lately (partly because of the casual nature of our dress code and partly due to people asking if I have an interview somewhere - I don't...yet), but this week, I'm bringing the sexy back. I've decided to wear a tie everyday for fun and really, to prove that you don't have to end up looking like a square when you have one on. Actually, if you're the only one wearing it when you don't have to, that's pretty darn cool and rebellious in my book.

For Day 1, I started things simply: White oxford shirt, black trousers, black belt, and black tasseled loafers. So easy to do yet so foolproof every time. I topped it off with this lovely club tie I found at Crazy Eddie's at The Collective last Saturday. I must say, very Ralph Lauren-like, somewhat Bands of Outsiders-ish and for only P750? I think it was the steal of the month. I tied it up with a four-in-hand to keep the knot minimal and for an added style trick, I twisted the back part to the side and showed it off a little bit. Those little tweaks, they go a long long way.

Browline Glasses (Ray-Ban), Oxford Shirt (Uniqlo), Club Tie (from Crazy Eddie's)
Belt (SM Deparment Store), Slim Trousers (Topman), Tasseled Loafers (Bass)

Photo courtesy of Justine Ferrer


Holly said...

UNIQLO have some great work clothing available this autumn, they've expanded their reach further than purely casual clothing. Their smart collections follow the brand image of being unique and a little quirky offering a stylish option for work or more formal occasions. Your shirt is a prime example of this.

Styles I Love said...

I totally agree, Holly. I've been wearing the hell out of my Uniqlo oxfords ever since I got 'em! :)

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