The Item: Keep Multi-colored Sneakers

After weeks of hearing about The Collective in Makati, my girlfriend and I finally decided to check it out and see what all the fuss was about. A lot of people have said that the space had the Cubao X vibe to it and judging from the lineup of alternative shops and restaurants, I can't help but agree. I especially like this store called Hmrm. It was there where I discovered this fun pair of sneakers from a brand called Keep from Los Angeles.

Hmrm had a lot of great finds to offer, from Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers shirts to New Era caps and some sweet unbranded glasses. Among all these though, I loved this pair of kicks the most. I haven't written about sneakers for quite some time now, but the refreshing colors of these shoes is just too charming to pass up. It's quite cheap too at P2,095 and it's exactly pieces like this which will keep us coming back to The Collective for even more great finds!

I can imagine putting these on with an understated outfit. The perfect color pop!


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