The Happening: The Week of the Tie (Day 5)

Whoops, skipped a day. Sorry about that folks. It was quite the busy Thursday at the office so taking photos was pretty much out of the question. But we're back, baby, and on casual Friday no less! To have a quirky close to what has been the blog's most decent attempt at a style diary to date, I decided to go with something different for Day 5. I busted out my favorite bow tie, you guys, the one my girlfriend gave me exactly two years ago this day!

It's as awesome now as it was back then and the fact that it's made of knitted cotton makes it the perfect match to any casual outfit. Key here is to dress down the bow tie, so I went with plaid on the button-down to attract attention away from it and I wore jeans to dress down the look even
further. I must admit, I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out. Ultimately, it shows you that rocking a bow tie can be done even without an occasion. You just have to live a little, bruh!

Bow Tie (Joey Samson), Plaid Button-down (Uniqlo), Watch (Timex)
Bracelet (Topman), Belt (Nautica), Jeans (Zara), Moccasins (Zara)

Photos courtesy of Justine Ferrer and Ivy Tan


AJ said...

i like the tie idea! where exactly do you work? i envy the casual dress code!

Styles I Love said...

Haha, thanks AJ! I work somewhere in Bonifacio High Street. The casual dress code is only for Friday's, but I try to make the weekdays interesting too! :)

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