The Item: Topman Nubuck Straps

My accessory game's been deficient for quite some time with only watches and nothing else adorning my wrists for a minute now. That's why I decided to give these nice nubuck straps from Topman a shot. And why not? It features my favorite color combo of red, white, and blue with a touch of gray, which neither overbears or disappears into the outfit. Just in time too as it will go perfectly with all my summer-themed swag for the weeks ahead!

The straps have that beachy feel without being tacky

The Happening: Our Boracay Getaway

We made it in one piece! My fams and my girlfriend just dropped down here in Boracay for our yearly Holy Week vacay and it's fixin' to be a great one! Don't worry, I'll be on the lookout for any beach looks I love, which I'll definitely post here as it goes down. I sure hope I'm not disappointed! As for you, I hope y'all are going on much deserved breaks too in the coming days! We all need a little R&R to stay sane after all!

A breathtaking shot of the Boracay horizon

The Item: SM Department Store Straw Trilby

No, they still don't have it all for me. But what it did have on this day, yeah, it impressed quite a bit. My shopping trip to complete my beach get-ups brought me to SM Department Store where I saw what I couldn't see in Topman and other such stores: a fine narrow-brimmed straw trilby. What's unbelievable about it is that I got it for, wait for it, a measly P250! That's practically nothing compared to the branded alternatives, yes? This leads me to do what my sister has been telling me for a minute now: you gotta start checking SM because you never know what you could find. With this hat in tow, can't help but agree.

Surprising, yes, but it's a fine trilby that'll be my Boracay buddy in the days ahead!

The Happening: The Vans Sample Sale!

Yes, I went! And it was every bit as awesome as I expected it to be. A plethora of Vans kicks were generously spread around the Trilogy boutique - different models, different materials, different colors - making me feel like an effin' kid in a candy store. All the awesome shoes reminded me of my trip to the States where Vans was totally killing it. And the good news is, we're soon going to have these beautes in regularity!

I got the chance to talk to Rosario Herrera during my visit and she confirmed that GreyOne Social will be carrying these better-than-usual Vans come June! I personally thanked her, being a full-fledged Vans lover and all, to which she responded, "We're just trying to bring in good stuff, you know?" That you are, ma'am, that you are. Now enough of this chit-chat, if you want to have some select Vans pairs before they become available to all, drop on by Trilogy today to get your hands on 'em! Only 1 pair per style so I suggest you go early, people. Doors open at 10am!

The Sale: Vans Sample Sale at Trilogy

Y'all know how much I love Vans right? When I started this blog, I heralded it as my favorite straight up sneaker brand of all time, yes, of all time! Which is why I'm terribly excited for tomorrow's sample sale at Trilogy. Said boutique partnered up with GreyOne Social to give us a glimpse of how awesome Vans truly are. You know, unlike those generic ones from insert-name-of-local-shoe-store-here (peace!). Before you go that JT, sorry, Timbaland concert, drop on by Trilogy, bring some cash, and have a taste of the difference yourselves!

Photo courtesy of Trilogy

The Item: The New Tretorn Nylites

Do you remember your Tretorns? I'm sure you do. How could you forget those pairs you wore a million times to your PE classes? Well, now they're back and badder than ever. With the direction of the styled-up Puma group, the brand's on a renaissance with new colors, fabrics, and tweaks that give you the same vintage shoes you loved, but now updated for the more fashionable times of the 21st century.

First up, the Nylite canvas kicks. No longer just the white pairs we're all familiar with, these babies have grown up and now have an added swagger about them. Coming in black and gray numbers, they'll look absolutely smashing worn sockless with folded up khakis and shorts this hot summer season. The aqua Tret logo on the gray one makes more a bit more partial to it, though. And it's exactly touches like these which make them brand new Tretorn kicks a fine addition to anyone's shoe closet. Do yourself a favor and get them now in Bratpack Greenbelt 5, Rustans Makati, selected Res-Toe-Run stores all across the Metropolis.

The canvas Nylites for the new generation

The Item: Bench Semi-Button-Down Shirt

Now I don't give much love to Bench in these 'ere parts (because of the overbranding and tackiness of most pieces), but I have to give credit where it is damn due. Their new offerings include this slim-fit semi-button-down shirt in gingham which I found to be quite handsome. However, as it is with everything Bench, they just had to ruin it with that ungodly pin at the pocket. Thankfully, it can be removed. Yes, I checked and am now seriously considering getting a color or two with its reasonable price at P645 a pop. Now this is more like it, Mr. Chan.

The Bench shirt reminds me of this well-dressed fellow snapped by The Sartorialist

Photo courtesy of The Sartorialist

The Item: Cheap Saizen Specs

Looking for some seriously cheap specs without skimping on style? Yup, you know where to go. Saizen surprised me yet again with these fine black plastic frames which feature that fading detail that's all the rage now. A bit on the small side when I tried 'em on, but it's nothing a trip to your local eyewear shop can't fix. They can melt that plastic up and contour it perfectly around your face. So yes, another Saizen steal at a you-just-lost-it-but-it's-okay P85!

These babies made me a believer. Great for optional reading glasses, if nothing else.

Also comes in handsome tortoise shell fade, if you're not feeling the black pair.

The Item: Fred Perry Swim Trunks

Our trip to Boracay's coming up fast, and yet (as of Saturday) I still didn't have a nice pair of swim trunks to show for. That's why I came running when I got a text from the Fred Perry peeps, saying that their new drops at the Authentic shop in Megamall Atrium included swimwear. What better than a Fred Perry pair to put on at the beach, right?

Needless to say, my favorite brand did not disappoint. When I got there, I found this mid-thigh navy blue swim trunks staring at me, begging me to purchase it. Didn't take me long to decide. It was exactly what I was looking for from the shorter and slimmer cut, to the subtle base color, to the flashes of aqua at the front and the back. It comes with a bag too in case you're not convinced, and if that doesn't do it for you, I don't know what on God's green earth will. Yours for P3,198! (A bit pricey, yes, but if count the years of head-turning appeal, it's a bargain!)

Look at how the lovely pair flatters! A perfect cut, I'd say!

Front: The minimalistic base color with the pop of the Laurel logo

Back: Ditto, but with the aqua buttons and hole details

The sweet bag you can keep your awesome swimwear in!

The Happening: Does It Come in Men's?

My girlfriend and I usually part ways when we visit Topman/Topshop branches to look at their respective goods. When I finished early and went to pick her up from her side, I saw her trying on these unbelievably awesome wingtips. The shape was perfect. The color was perfect. The details were perfect. What's not so perfect? It only comes in women's. Calling Topman people, please stop it with the sneaker releases and get something like this for us, stat!

Share the love, Topman! One like this for the fellas please!

The Happening: We Got 'Em!

Well, we got 'em. Not in matching colors, yes, but it's probably for the best (I got the navy blue and my girlfriend got the ash gray). After a day of wearing, all I can say is I think I'm going to be seen quite often in these bad boys for years to come. So lightweight, it's like I'm wearing nothing at all! Thank you, Tom's. Now make damn sure those two poor kids get them shoes as you promised. Oh, and I hope they're Filipino too.

A pair in Tom's lurve

Style I Love: The Shorts + Loafer Combo

I chanced upon this grandpa yesterday in National Bookstore and I just had to take a picture of his bottom half combo. Yeah, we've seen this on so many dads in our time, but it was only recently when I understood the allure of shorter shorts and loafers. It was a look taken from decades gone by and one I think we should none but bring back. So carefree and so "I don't give a fuck", I want to be just like him when I grow up.

Show off those legs, you young buck, you!

The Item: Levi's Slim Straight Cords

Yeah, they may not exactly be the Levi's x Opening Ceremony cords that everybody's been talking about, but who really gives a hoot? In my honest opinion, I think these colored cords from the local Levi's are even better because one, they're of my favorite slim straight cut (505s), and two, they're far cheaper than their much heralded cousins in the States. Same bang for less buck (only P1,800 a pop!), these are the few times I actually love living in a third world country.

I think the brown one's a keeper, but why not try green for a change?

The Guide: Beachwear Essentials

In exactly two weeks time, I'll find myself in Boracay, away from work and spending time with the people I love most. I'm so excited for the trip that as early as now, I'm already thinking of what clothes to pack. Sure, people will be wearing less at the beach, but don't let that be your excuse to put just anything on. With fewer options to work with, now's the time to get it right, son. Who knows? You might even get that summer fling you've always wanted! Wishful thinking, of course, and with that dose of reality, here's a headstart.

1. Shorter Slim-fit Swim Trunks
You did go to the beach to swim, right? Well, leave your baggy board shorts behind and wear something that actually fits. We're not talking cycling shorts or Speedo briefs here, bruhs. Just one that's cut more closely to the body and a bit above the knee, you know, just like Grandpa wore his.

2. Rubber Flip-flops
I realized quite late that flip-flops were only meant for two places: the house and the beach. Well, here's your chance to bust out the thong slippers you've probably worn everywhere you're not supposed to. Rubber slippers are best for the beach because they're easy to clean and are so, so comfortable. (Optional: You can always wear espadrilles too, but with the weather in this country? Your call.)

3. Lightweight Casual Button-down Shirt
Girls have it easy. They have their dependable cover-ups for their bikinis but what of men? How do we cover up? Well, I'd advise you to go for a super soft casual button-down to pair with your short swim trunks. It's more convenient than a t-shirt because you can unbutton it as the temperature rises and it gives you that giving-a-shit award when everybody else doesn't. Make sure to get the lightest of fabrics and give it a little rumple before you head out the room for added swag.

4. Khaki Bottoms
There's just something about khaki and the beach that fits. Maybe it's because the khaki blends well with the color of the sand? Reasoning notwithstanding, you'd want to have some khaki shorts and pants for the trip. They're the perfect I'm-not-going-to-swim attire and needless to say, they'll fit with just about anything you brought. Just give those bottoms a roll to show some ankle or knee. You are allowed to show a little skin after all.

5. Straw Trilby
With all those rays beating down on your noggin', a hat is just what the doctor ordered to keep you a tad bit cool. Truth be told, nothing beats a straw trilby here, folks. Shorter brim = more dopeness. Just be sure to just drop it on your head without pressing down. You're just looking for a little shade after all, not a helmet to protect your head from the harmful elements. Also, a word to the wise: hat hair is never, ever cool.

6. Sunglasses
One of the few times when you can wear shades all day and not be a douche. The beach is the perfect place to showcase your just-bought sunnies to the fullest. I'm partial toward Ray-Ban classics like Wayfarers, Clubmasters, and Aviators now and not much else. Only problem is, no money, no honey. By the way, shutter shades are a never ever. Of all the things Kanye endorsed, they are by far the worst.

7. The Basics
I mentioned casual button-downs as the perfect tops for trunks, but I have to give some love to the basics too. If you're going to wear a basic shirt on the beach, make it a v-neck. Not only will you avoid that uneven tanning around your bronzing neck, you'll also tease with some much desired skin. As for sleeveless options, don't go for those juvenile shirts which look as if their sleeves were cut-off. Instead, go for baggier tanktops which give your gut some room to grow. No wifebeaters, please. Unless of course you're Eminem.

With all these essentials in tow, I think you may be in store for your most awesome beach trip yet. Summer fling or not, at least you will have made your impression on the beach as the man who looked coolest when everything else was ablaze.

Photos coutesy of Esquire, Marc Jacobs, J Crew, Gap, Quiksilver, Ray-Ban, and Topman

The Women: Mamma Mia, Amanda!

I've been following the fine film work of Amanda Seyfried from when her boobs could tell when it was going to rain in "Mean Girls", to when she relived Abba in "Mamma Mia", to when she made out with Megan Fox in "Jennifer's Body", to when she broke up with somebody through a letter in "Dear John". Yes, what a career so far. Thus, this much deserved photoshoot in Esquire. All that talent. May her string of critically acclaimed films continue and lead her to an Oscar soon!

Photos courtesy of Esquire

The Art: Gaga + Beyonce for Telephone

Just when you thought the Gaga fever was dying down, here comes the lady with a nine-minute video for her collab with Beyonce for "Telephone". While the song is really nothing special by me, the visual accompaniment she created more than makes up for it. It's as explicit as you expect Gaga to be, and yet she continues to surprise me with her creativity and commitment to her craft. She's for real, folks, and yes, I am truly impressed.

The Item: Tom's Shoes

It's been around for a while, but it was only recently when my girlfriend and I bought into the awesomeness that is Tom's shoes. We just tried on the espadrille-inspired footwear this past weekend, and one fitting was all it took for us to see what all the fuss was about.

While the marketing proposition of the company giving a pair to a poor kid for every one you buy seems promising, it was really the simple looks of the shoe which had us smitten. You may have doubts at first, but just wait till you see those babies on your feet. They're unexpectedly flattering and oh so mothereffin' comfortable!

A lot of people seem to agree, since the ash pair I wanted didn't have my size already (very sad). To tell you the truth, my girlfriend and I were so pleased that we wanted to get matching pairs. Cheesy, I know. But damn it, try some Tom's on today and tell me you won't fall in love with 'em. Go ahead, I dare you!

My initial color choice, before I saw...

This ash number. Out of stock, though, so might have to wait.

This all black burlap option's not too shabby too

Photo courtesy of Tom's

The Happening: Meet the Lucky Bastard!

A week after the Great 100,000th Styles I Love Giveaway, Cholo Dela Vega (of Wright Supply Co.) and I met the lucky fellow who got to bag all the sweet prizes from the blog's dearest friends. Yes, after much internal conflict, I pushed through with the meet-up and gave Mr. Jason Doplito the "droolworthy" (his words) goodies.

From the Fred Perry holdall, the Adidas Philippine Range track jacket, the Joey Samson bow tie, and the fragrances, belts, and caps from Wright Supply Co., I'd humbly say that the complement was well warranted. Well, I must say, another satisfied customer of Styles I Love! Watch out for the next big giveaway, readers! It just gets bigger and better from here!

Reluctantly handing over the Fred Perry holdall

Presenting the Adidas Philippine Range track jacket

Jason showing us how charming the Joey Samson bow tie will be

Jason and the 3 sweet bottles of Wright Supply Co. fragrances!

Special Thanks To:

Fred Perry Laurel Shop
G/F, Greenbelt 5
Ayala Center, Makati City

Fred Perry Authentic Shop
3/F The Atrium, SM Megamall
Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City

Adidas Philippines

Wright Supply Co.
Available at Trilogy Boutique
110 Alvion Center, Rada St.,
Legaspi Village, Makati City

Joey Samson

The Happening: Manny Pacquiao in GQ!

"Manny Pacquiao likes to be happy. When Manny Pacquiao is happy, that motherfucker can fight."
-Freddy Roach

Another "whould've thunk it" moment for Pacquiao. The "motherfucker" somehow made it on the hallowed pages of GQ, which heralded him as the greatest since Ali. Wow. Needless to say, I am proud of Manny. Though we won't be getting the fight we wanted with Mayweather on Sunday, we have yet another chance to gawk at his unparalleled fighting ability. Good luck, sir, and may you have that chance to knock out "Money" in the near future!

The Art: Apple iPad Commercial

Everyone has their opinion about the iPad. Some were disapppointed, saying it's just like a giant Touch. Others say it's the most groundbreaking thing ever. A select few even refuse to look at the features altogether and just chuckle at how its the jologs pronunciation of the iPod. Well, whatever you believe, you cannot deny that Apple makes some awesome ads. This latest one for the iPad was no exception, showcasing all the uses of this new gadget. That said, beautiful commercial be damned, it's still not a laptop and I'm not going to be shelling out for it any time soon!

The Item: Speedo SS 2010 Collection

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post about wearing the right shorts for the beach. Being that summer's setting us all ablaze again, there really is no better time than now to revisit said post and, quite honestly, see its embodiment in Speedo's Spring Summer 2010 Collection. Yes, the brand is not about those D.O.M. trunks no more; they've updated their look and are now more flattering than ever.

Take a gander at their shorts and you'll know what I'm talking about. The length as I've mentioned is key and if you want something a little bit shorter (and why wouldn't you?),
Speedo's definitely got you covered. Cropped at just above the knee or a even a tad higher, they give you that charming vintage look without looking at all dated. The designs are tight too. They feature clean lines and colors which constitute a more modern vibe. Sorry, no hawaiian prints 'ere!

I guess the folks at Speedo were listening when I was writing my post last year. That, or maybe they just made a conscious effort to appeal to all you dashing young folk who are too shy to don their trademark briefs. Either way, the collection has me convinced. I'm packing three to use on my long overdue trip to Boracay!

Love the combination of the vintage cut with modern detailing!

The white shorts are definitely a keeper! So, so versatile!

Those red shorts don't look bad at all! A closer view would be appreciated, however!

The green stripe across the bum is a fine touch

Photos courtesy of Speedo

The Happening: The Best of the Oscars

Funny how I was just talking about black tie dressing in an earlier post and we get the night of black tie dressing at its best to dissect. The Oscars went down last night and as with every awards show, everybody paid attention to what the ladies were wearing. Not this blog, though. We're going to give the men their much deserved spotlight, and truth be told, there were plenty of bright spots to be had.

Chris Waltz was a winner and looked like one | Colin Firth's slim suit should have too

Ryan Reynolds' one-button jacket was flattering | Touche, for Guy Pearce's specs and tie

Both Jake Gylenhaal and Tom Ford were pictures of pinpoint perfection

The future looks bright with these well-dressed young guns

Photos courtesy of GQ and Esquire