The Store: J.Press at Isetan Scotts

I've been a fan of J.Press for a long, long time now (hell, I wrote about them already in '09). So imagine my excitement when I learned that they just opened shop here in Singapore! Located at Isetan Scotts, the brand's first and only outlet carries all the prepster signatures that made them famous - knit ties, oxford shirts, logo belts, tote bags, and a small selection of classic shoes. They even stocked those Ivy League school badges that could come in handy in your next big job interview. Poser move? Perhaps. But you just cannot deny the power of Take Ivy swag. 
J.Press joins the Singapore preppy party with Brooks Bros., Tommy, and Ralph Lauren. 
It wouldn't be real prep if they didn't bring the awesome silliness of those logo belts!
Fetching camo cargo shorts from the brand's more youthful Red Label collection
More shorts in whatever fuck-you color you want. I'm going with kelly green!
Dressed-up or dressed-down, caters to all expressions of would-be Ivy Leaguers. 
Can't forget about their extensive collection of topnotch silk knit ties too!

Isetan Department Store, Level 3
Scotts Road, Singapore
T: +6568369498


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