The Item: Surface to Air's "Ridiculum Vitae"

Savings be damned, there was just no way I was going to leave the party empty-handed. I've had my eye on this Surface to Air tee for a good minute now and Asylum was gracious enough to let me buy it at half-price. Part of the French label's "Artist Designed" collabs, the tee was made by Mexican contemporary artist Miguel Calderon. The phrase references to name of an exhibition he once did - his commentary on the sheer silliness of this world that runs on success, status, and one's C.V. A beautiful backstory hidden by the utter simplicity of wordplay. This is more like it.
The premium cotton feels like you're wearing nothing at all.
Small print on the shirt's back. Props to you, Mr. Calderon. You have a new fan.


stubble trimmer said...

Never really knew the works of Miguel. But I can see it here that the man is extraordinary. Can you point me to more of his collections? Thanks!

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