The Happening: Sneaker Dream Comes True!

I've always wanted Air Jordans ever since I was a kid. All the cool kids in class used to rock 'em, and now, all grown up, I'm proud to say I just got the mack daddy of 'em all. Heralded by many as one of the best sneakers ever created, the Air Jordan 3 Black / Cements sold out instantly when it was re-released in Singapore late last year. With a stroke of luck, though, I believe I chanced upon what may be the last pair in the country! It's a bit bigger than my actual size, but to hell with it! It's not everyday that you get to own such an iconic pair for both basketball and streetwear.
On and off the court, these bring some phenomenal swag to your game.
The 1988 print ad for the AJ 3's with MJ and pal Mars Blackmon (a.k.a. Spike Lee).


men's clothing said...

Wow! You are so lucky to get that Air Jordan (specially since you said it most likely was the last pair in the country). So what if it's a size bigger? I bought shoes that were two sizes bigger just because it was the last pair and the shoes were to die for - and they weren't even Air Jordan.

Amber Nefertari said...

I feel you on this one. Growing up I couldn't afford J's either, now I have three pairs that I love to death. I wanted the cement threes but they were sold out so I bought the stealth's instead they are so darn cool. I also wanted the white/crimson that came out in GS (I'm a girl btw) and I hesitated now they are gone boohoo! You should post some photos of you wearing these. Enjoy!!

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