The Item: Saturdays NYC Grant Boardshort

Nothing says summer than a great pair of board shorts. And nothing makes a better pair, in my estimation, than classic design. Saturdays NYC definitely hit that nail on the head with their sweet "Grant" board shorts. This summer, leave the crazy prints to the ladies and opt instead for this handsome, minimalist stripe. With such a great cut and silhouette, it's all you'll need to look sharp on and off the shores. That GQ "Best New Menswear America" award? Definitely well-deserved.
Time for a swaggin' new player in the board shorts game.
The navy and blue pairs tops on my book. My fave color combo.
The basic black board shorts made interesting with a shade of grey.
The kind of black and blue that doesn't hurt anyone. 
The Fit: Stops above the knee and gives your boys some ample breathing room.


radioteletype said...

Where can I get this in SG?

Styles I Love said...

Drop by Inhabit: The Other Store in Mandarin Gallery. They should have it there along with some great tees! :)

Carlo said...

I love Saturdays Surf! How much are they in Singapore?

Styles I Love said...

The board shorts are S$120. Quite pricier compared to the US, but what can you do, right? I'd still cop 'em! :)

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