The Item: Gap "Best" V-Neck Tee

Every magazine says that you need a white v-neck tee. Easy for them to say. I've looked far and wide for the best one and let me tell you, the search has been very frustrating. It's always one thing or another - fabric's too thin, V's too low, length's too long, armholes too wide. I was ready to just throw in the towel, but then, I came across Gap's "Best" V-necks. Bold claims, but they back it up: Just-right dip of the V, sleeves cut across the biceps, tail falls below the waist, and best of all, no nippling. In sum, what those knowledgeable men's mags should be telling you to get.
Paired with jeans, khakis, board shorts - it just plain works. 
My bet as the v-neck standard for any mid-priced options.


Anonymous said...

This post reminds me of this SNL skit:

Oh. And, belated happy birthday, Bobby! :)

Aaron said...

Thank for sharing this...I'm a white tees person but the fact that white tees alway have that nippling issue simply turns me off. Going to get that gap tee.

Tom Tents said...

Fabric's too thin... And you have to have many stocks of it. After a wash, it's not as good as when you bought it :-(

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