The Item: Pointer Loafers at Unschooled

If there's one shoe I can't get enough of, it's loafers. Hell, I already have about four or five in different colors and yet when I come across other fine pairs, I simply cannot resist. It's becoming a big problem, really, and these Pointer offerings at Unschooled in Ronac Art Center are not making things any better. The UK-based shoe brand's best are far and away these two - one in standout navy-tan suede and another in delicious chocolate leather. They actually give me the same vibe as my Band of Outsider Sperrys, and that's high praise from a man who has had his fair share of loafing through the years. P5,000++ a pop, sirs. Please get 'em so I won't have to!

They don't come cheap, but looking at the worksmanship, I'd say it's fairly priced

While I adore the navy-tan suede pair more, no one can deny brown's versatility!


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