The Item: Vane x Sebago Collection

Our other favorite boat shoe brand Sebago has been collaborating right and left with various design houses recently and thankfully, one of the better ones finally made it to our dear third world country. Better late than never I suppose, as I already spotted these wonderful Vane x Sebago mash-ups in Hypebeast about seven months ago. No major complaints, though. They still look as fresh now as when I first saw them on that fateful day of admiration.

Trademark Sebago silhouettes like the Dockside, Beacon and Lighthouse were remixed by the New York-based group, making fresh footwear to complement the brand's traditional pieces. I particularly prefer the Beacon with the outer boot and the one made in differing tones of gray. Honestly though, you can't go wrong with any piece. Even the tired boat shoe was made interesting again with the use of the reflective 3M material. See 'em up close today at Sebago PowerPlant and Trinoma if you can! This really doesn't happen often, so do take advantage!

The Beacon with the outer boot and patent inner. So eye-catching.

My second fave. The combination of grays are cool to the eye.

Classic Docksides with a not-so-classic reflector body.

Another fall-friendly shoe - the dark brown Lighthouse boot.


NAN said...

And how are prices?

Dexter said...

What they should have brought here are the Sebago x Colette boat shoes designed by Jack Spade.

Styles I Love said...

Hi Nan,

Well, they're quite up there, as you would have suspected. But the most expensive is at P11k++ if I'm not mistaken.

Styles I Love said...

Hi Dexter,

Just took a look at the shoes you mentioned. They're quite nice too, but I think I prefer these though. :)

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