The Guide: One Item, Multiple Colors

Have you ever bought something in multiple colors? How'd you feel about it? A bit too indulgent, wasteful even? Well, I bought three oxford shirts from Uniqlo some months ago, and much to my surprise, I didn't feel a thing. Actually, if I'm going to be honest here, there was a hint of regret, but more because I didn't get the other colors I really wanted. Great move, as it turns out. I've been wearing every piece as much as I can and thinking about the others I didn't get non-stop.

Who knew? What I once deemed to be the ultimate rich-guy dick move has now become something that I endorse. I'm not loaded by any means, but once you think about it, this approach makes a lot of sense. When you find something that works well for you, you go to it over and over again. Get that sucker in every color and look good all the time, I say. And don't you worry about your dear wallet. You'll actually end up buying less in the long run because you'll be so preoccupied with the great choices you've already got. Yup, sounds pretty practical to me.

Find a shirt you love and have at all the colors!


Martin said...

It's common sense, I have one striped shirt (rugby obsession, don't ask) that I have in all 5 colors. I wear each one as much as I can. Nice blog!

Styles I Love said...

Why thank you, Martin. After all these years, common sense finally struck me. Hopefully, this post will enlighten others too!

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