The Art: Singapore's Night Voyage Festival

How did you guys spend your Friday night? Drinking, dancing, partying? Well, my friends and I did something a little offbeat - we went to go experience art! As part of Singapore's Night Voyage Festival, the city's finest museums were open till 2AM to host exhibits, installations, and even a quirky bazaar. I must say, not a bad way to end one of the most draining weeks ever. After being bombarded by numbers non-stop, my eyes finally got the visual treats they so rightfully deserve!

Dark room with some eerie visuals and a barely lit turntable section

Here, you can listen to several sensations amplified as the DJ spins.

Giant balloons at the Singapore Art Museum

Real-life space invaders vs. a little kid. Who you got?

Museum hallways filling up as the night goes deeper.

Vintage polaroids on sale from S$100 to S$200! Not a bad buy!


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