The Item: New Watch Alerts (Timex + Casio)

If there's one aspect of my wardrobe that needs beefing up, it's most definitely the watch department. For the longest time, this amazing Timex Nylon Camper was the only option I had. As awesome as it was, it just couldn't hold the fort on its own anymore, especially when the outfit for the day was more earth-toned, rendering its all-black attack misplaced. So I went on a quest to find some fairly priced running buddies for it that would suffice for any and all color occasions.

Let Jay-Z have his Hublots and Rollies, I'm more than fine with these!

My first purchase was this all-gold
Casio number. After resisting for so long to get one because of its massive popularity, I finally pulled the trigger and gave in to what I truly wanted since the very beginning. No calculators on the face here, folks, I'm in it for the interesting juxtaposition of all-gold decadence with a price point that pokes fun at the supposed extravagance of it all (S$30 / P1,000). Just like every classic Casio, value-for-money was the name of the game!

I got a good discount on it too! Bought it from a friend's shop here!

The second timepiece I got was something I thought was unattainable. As mentioned here, the only reason I bought the Timex Campers was because I couldn't get a Timex x J.Crew military field watch. Well, the stars aligned - I saved up enough and my cousin was arriving from the US - so I finally got it! No going wrong with this one right here - black, brown, whatever - it works. You can even change the strap up, making this already universal watch even more versatile!

The nylon strap's a bit long, so I just gave it that sweet tuck to remedy!

The Item: Sperry x Jeffrey NY Boat Shoes

About a year ago, Pharrell Williams declared that boat shoes were over. To his point, it was the exact same time when everyone and their mama started sporting 'em, shooting up demand and forcing most every brand to make their own uninspired versions. The mass acceptance actually hit me so hard that I stopped wearing my beloved off-white Sperrys altogether, so hard that it would take something quite drastic to get me back to my old boat shoe-wearing ways.

Well, after a yearlong wait, I found just the thing during our recent trip to Hong Kong. Spotted in the very same Lane Crawford where I got my Band of Outsiders Sperrys last year were these sweet collaborative boat shoes from (who else) Sperry for Jeffrey New York. It was the lone item I bought during the trip, and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Green all over, tasty suede on the upper, barrel-tied laces making for slip-on wearing - these were absolutely perfect! If Pharrell thought that boat shoes were dead, then this, my friends, is a damn resurrection!

Love the fact that such a preppy item can also carry a lot of street swag

I'm usually wary of buying suede shoes, but this was a no-brainer!

Here they are in action inside the ultra-efficient MRTs of Singapore

Style I Love: Khakis + Tasseled Weejuns

Every man should have a go-to combo that he knows will look good every single time. You know, that one reliable pairing that you can just grab and go especially in times when you wake up late and need to rush out to catch a meeting (so detailed, it may have actually happened). Well, to me, that combination's made up of khakis and my trusty Bass Weejuns. It just feels so right together, right up there with bread and butter, bacon and eggs, Michael and Scottie, oh you get the drift. So iconic it deserves its own pseudo-spotlight; it's a combination that truly stands the test of time.

Khaki Pants (Gap), Tasseled Weejuns Loafers (Bass)

The Guide: My Personal Travel Essentials

Whether it be in Singapore or Manila, there seems to be a tourist uniform that men always follow. Yes, I'm talking about the raggedy shirt, baggy cargos, and flip-flop ensemble. While it may be most comfortable to go around in, one may find oneself at a disadvantage while sporting them. The world of no-shoes, no-pants, no-service still exists after all, and even beyond that, wouldn't you want to look good in all those pictures you're going to take? That's why I wanted to share my travel essentials for my trip to Hong Kong. No, I don't plan on dressing to the nines, but I don't want to go out looking like I just stepped out of my living room either. A middle-ground, I'd say.

So what's inside my diminutive suitcase? 1. Navy collared shirt (Lacoste) for those swankier malls. 2. Yellow V-neck (Gap) for those walk-in-the-sun tourist attraction days. 3. White oxford shirt (Uniqlo) for that fancy dinner date. 4. White logo shirt (Comme Des Garcons Play) for those artful, hipster-y places. 5. Striped shirts in navy and green (Uniqlo) for some harbour front strolls. 6. Tailored khaki shorts (plain + simple) to match with number 2. 7. Blue cardigan (Topman) when mall shopping gives you the chills. 8. Tortoise-shell Clubmasters (Ray-Ban) for every single day (sunlight optional). 9. Navy jeans (Muji) for everything else on this list. 10. Bag? You know it!

I think I'll be okay with these. As for shoes, that's in another post!

The Item: Pedro Bright Suede Boots

Have to admit, I've never been a fan of Pedro shoes. Sometimes they produce decent enough pairs, but more often than not, they throw out pointy, square-toed stinkers which do not have a place on this blog. But as with everything, I am first to give credit where it's due. I was going around Ion the other day when these babies caught my eye. Playful candy-colored suede mid-rise shoes, red-brick soles, and a S$73 price tag too - not bad, not bad at all. Too soon to say though if it's the start of a design resurgence, but you have my attention, Pedro. Your move.

The yellow one's the keeper, but I'd go for the green and orange too.

Style I Love: Showstopping on Orchard Rd.

How do you stand out from a sea of people on a busy street? Simple, by looking as dapper as this dude. Check it out: White button-down, navy blazer, skinny chinos, gray socks, and a black mid-rise boot. Classic with an edge. Sartorial with a hint of swagger. I could go on and on. How he could pull it off in this heat is beyond me, but god bless you, sir. It's people like you who balance out the flood of flip-flops and tank tops that seem to be so popular with tourists nowadays.

Best I've seen on the streets of Singapore thus far. Wish I wasn't in much of a rush!

The Item: Porter x Pointer Canvas Tote

I've always dreamt of owning a Head Porter bag. More than LV, more than Prada, this is the brand I told myself I'd buy when I made myself some money. Funny thing though: I thought it would take me years before I get one (always wanted those expensive 3-way tanker bags), but as it turned out, I didn't have to wait that long. I bumped into this very reasonable Porter x Pointer canvas tote at Rockstar in Orchard Cineleisure and boom, daddy's home. If you wonder why it looks so familiar, the colors were based on one of Pointer's classic shoes which I wrote about here. My first Porter and a limited edition collaboration too? Man, I must've done something right.

First look: Ah, the navy and khaki combination always gets me.

A view from the top. Gotta love that classic orange lining. Very truly Porter!

How it looks when stuffed. I love how the function matches the form!