The Happening: Birthday Gift Gone Early

My girlfriend is the best. No going around it, she's simply the sweetest, especially with surprises. Before I left, she threw me a surprise despedida with my closest friends and family. And when she came to visit for the first time last week, yeah, she pulled it off again. If you recall, I raved about these DM oxfords weeks ago. We came across the very same pair while going around and I pointed it out. Next day, when she left for Manila, guess what I came home to? Go ahead, guess! Yup, it was a super advanced birthday gift that's proof yet again of her best-ever status. Truth be told, if it weren't for FaceTime with her everyday, I'd go home to her in a heartbeat!

After a hard day's work, going home to this capped the day off well.

I had no idea at all. She got me again! I should get her back, no?

Here it is worn. Oh man, I'll be abusing these babies, that's for sure!


Izzy said...

Shoe twin! Those are awesome.

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