The Art: The Utter Beauty of Hallways

Hallways forever intrigue me, especially particularly long ones. You can vaguely see the end, but you know it's there. And if you're a lot like me, you take your sweet damn time getting there.
Singapore Art Museum
Books Actually on Yong Siak Street
Tiong Bahru Bakery - Outside
Raffles Hotel Arcade

The Happening: Brights on a Sunday Stroll

What better way to celebrate a leisurely Sunday than with sunny shades? Oh yeah, pancakes!
Vans Authentics + Uniqlo Jeans + Porter x Pointer Tote
Banana and Walnut Pancakes from Food for Thought. My favorite!

The Guide: How to Get Sold in Style

If you happen to have a cool, budding surf brand on your hands and it just got sold, take a cue from these Newport Beach hipsters from Warriors of Radness. They took it pretty well, I think.

The Happening: One Night in Bangkok

And that's all it took really. I just fell for the city. Cheap on the pocket and yet richly overflowing with life. I'll definitely be back, but next time, for much, much longer. #Whereareyouseatsale?

The Happening: Camo Craziness!

When it rains, it pours. This past few months, I've been gathering camo like it was nobody's business, and you know what? I'm not done! Not with this, this, and this on the loose! Soon!
Uniqlo Perfect Shape Camo Cargo Pants
Gap Nylon Camo Duffel Bag
American Tourister Camo Suitcase

The Store: Diamond Walker Shoes

Things have been pretty quiet around these parts for some months now, partly because of burnout and partly because I haven't come across something that is really worth coming out of my blogging batcave for. Well, that ended last Saturday when I visited this amazing bespoke shoe shop in the heart of the CBD called Diamond Walker Shoes.

Originally from Seoul, South Korea, they have now set-up shop in Singapore, bringing with them the quality craftsmanship and unmatched customization that has made them a household name in K-Pop's capital. Be it brogues, double monks, penny loafers, oxfords, or (my-current-top-of-the-want-list) slippers, they got you covered with all the tasty options you can think of! You want crepe soles? Check. You prefer blue suede uppers? Damn right. You demand a contrast toecap on your oxfords? You bet. It's totally that kid-in-a-candy-store feeling. 

After your fitting's done and design finalized, it would take 4-6 weeks for the skilled cobblers to do their thing. Trust me, for shoes that are truly one-of-a-kind (you did design them yourself) and of this caliber, they're definitely worth the wait and investment. I actually already have a shoe in mind for the next time I drop by. And by all intents and purposes, that's only the first of many. 
Diamond Walker folk discussing the craft of the bespoke shoe.
Great display. You can just hear the cobbler crafting your classic kicks.
Now for some samples of their work: The WIngtip Boot. 
Duck Boots for all those rainy Singapore days.
Oh yes. The blue suede slippers I wanted to take home as is!
White bucks. A great casual alternative to my worn-in sneakers!

Diamond Walker Shoes
China Square Central #01-06
18 Cross Street, Singapore