The Item: FILED! Folders

A little shameless plug never hurt nobody. That said, I present to all of you dear readers my little side project with a couple of friends of mine - the awesome FILED! Folders!

Just in time for the beginning of school, these little beautes will help y'all get organized by putting your school items in their place. With special pockets for your iPod, calculators, handouts, and even a detachable pencil case, handling the mayhem of this semester will be none but a breeze!

Don't worry about the candy colors, now. Pair them off with some neutrals and you're sure to bring some life into even the most ho-hum of outfits. I mean, just look at the pictures of our male model Chino! Impeccable styling (by yours truly, Chino, and Third) infused by the coolness of the folder is sure to go a long, long way this year.

Convinced? Want to see more? Click here to get FILED! today!
The FILED! Roster

Preppy cool with the Blue Folder

Brooding with the Purple Folder

Yellow and Orange Folders Bring Pop to the Sidelines

A lil' FILED! class picture for the road

Photos courtesy of Kevin Tatco and FILED!


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